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Live Broadcast with Robert Young

“…as you celebrate more you will deliver more into the world…”

Sunday, June 24th @ 12 Noon PDT

(8pm London, UK)


Recording: $20/ea.

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About Us..

As Associates of Robert A. Young & Associates, We Are Bringing Projects to the World of Magic and Miracles

As we delve into the future and look at the industry of the new era, we are confronted with the only choice available that will be acceptable to all ages.

The Industry of Magic and Miracles has been delivered to this earth by the hearts of humanity, and without definition has established itself as the next big step in the future of the World.

As impossible as it may seem, this industry is clearly in our presence and it contains all the prospects and unknowns of every other cycle experienced throughout human history. It is the area of focus that the developing world will capture for the next thousand years. In every endeavor the concept of Magic and Miracles will drive our patterns and designs, and the special attributes of humanity will rise to the surface to demonstrate the magical beings who have been sent to lead us into this New Age.

It is well known in every person’s life that the addition of a little magic and the occasional miracle is all that is needed to produce exactly what each person expects out of life.

Our focus on Magic and Miracles can be applied to every walk in life and even the most technical needs a little bit of magic to appeal to society or to support the environment.

The miracles of the universe are now our playground and the competition with Science and its teachings no longer applies. The elegance of Science can now be restored by the inclusion of Magic and Miracles as part of its expectation.  Every design and every structure will present Magic to the world and every presentation will encourage Miracles from every corner of the Universe.








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